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Water is a scarce resource and we should all do our part to save as much as possible and minimise wastage.
Washing your vehicle with Aquanon™ Waterless Wash & Wax is a step in the right direction.

When washing your vehicle with Aquanon™, only 500ml (approx) of water is used during the complete cleaning process
as opposed to 200 litres (approx.) of water used for a normal car wash.
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Aquanon™ Benefits



Aquanon is multi-purpose in that it can be used to clean the vehicle’s exterior panels, wheel mags and even the windows.



Aquanon contains special waxes that encapsulate road film & dirt, ensuring a scratch-free finish.


Competitively Priced

Our product is extremely affordable, working out to a cost of under R2 per wash.

Completely Safe

Aquanon can be used across a range of vehicles including cars, motorbikes, bicycles, trucks, caravans, boats and aeroplanes.

Aquanon™ meets Boeing-Spec D6-17487



Aquanon is biodegradable and ‘waterless’, making it the perfect environmentally friendly product.


Direct Sunlight

Unlike others of its kind, Aquanon Waterless Wash & Wax can be used in direct sunlight or in shade.

The Aquanon™ Range

1l Aquanon

In Refill Bottle

1l Aquanon Waterless
Wash & Wax

In Mega Mix Bottle

5l Aquanon Waterless
Wash & Wax

5L Top up Bottle

1l Aquanon

In Trigger Spray Bottle

Simple Cleaning Method

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    Step 1

    Spray a liberal amount of product directly onto a panel.

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    Step 2

    Wipe surface clean using a damp, blue microfibre cloth.

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    Step 3

    Buff surface using the dry, pink microfiber cloth.

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    Step 4

    Rinse blue microfiber cloth in a bucket of clean water.

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    Step 5

    Repeat steps 1-4 on remaining surfaces.

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    Step 6

    Wipe windows using the damp, blue microfiber cloth.

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    Step 7

    Dry window surfaces using the dry green microfiber cloth.


* Always rinse blue microfiber cloth in a bucket of water before wiping any surface.

*Do not spray product directly onto windows.

*Aquanon Waterless Wash & Wax can be used in direct sunlight or in shade. However, for best results, shade is recommended.

*When using Aquanon to wash a vehicle in extreme heat, buff each panel using the dry, pink microfiber cloth, immediately after wiping with the damp, blue microfiber cloth.

Entrepreneurial Opportunity

Start your own carwash business with an Aquanon hamper for under R700.00!

Just one litre of Aquanon can wash up to
60 vehicles!

The cost to you, the entrepreneur, is
under R2 per vehicle.

At a charge of R40 per vehicle, you’ll make R2400 from your initial investment.

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