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Aquanon Hamper

Want to start your own business? Why not start your own car wash venture? All you need is our professional Aquanon Waterless Wash and Wax Hamper, which is neatly packed in a 10L bucket, and you’re ready to go out there and be a self-employed individual.

For an initial investment of only R600 (ex VAT), these items will be included in your Aquanon Hamper:


1 X 1L AquanonTM Waterless Wash and Wax concentrate in a special Mega-Mix bottle
1 X 10L Bucket
1 X 1L Trigger spray bottle
6 X Microfiber cloths (2 X blue, 2 X pink, 2 X green)
1 X Chamois cloth for cleaning the interior (No chemicals needed)
1 X AQUANON T-shirt

Benefits to you as the Entrepreneur:

• The Aquanon Hamper will enable you to wash & polish up to 60 medium-sized vehicles.
• The wash cost to you as an entrepreneur is only R2 per vehicle.
• At a charge of R40 (minimum) per vehicle, you should recover over R2000 on your investment.
• We will provide free training on how to use Aquanon and you will be able to use the Aquanon
video presentation, which is simple and easy to follow.

For more information on Aquanon, click the below link:

We are the Chemical supplier that Cares!

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