Hand Wash Buzzer


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Mega Magic is proud to introduce our latest innovative device – the ‘Hand Wash Buzzer’ (also called the ‘Hand Wash Reminder’).

It is very important that all food handlers, food processing plants and kitchens/canteens treat hygiene as a priority in the workplace in order to ensure that all food is safe for customers/end users to consume. Mega Magic has developed a very unique ‘Hand Wash Buzzer’ that serves as a hand wash reminder. This critical device reminds staff to regularly wash their hands throughout the working day and thus assists in preventing spread of bacteria and germs in your facility. Germs & Bacteria can spread to the hands by sneezing, coughing, or rubbing the eyes and these germs are then transferred through human contact to work colleagues, kitchen equipment, preparation areas or food. Simply washing your hands drastically reduces the spread of illnesses and food borne disease.

The ‘Hand Wash Buzzer’ has been developed in-house at Mega Magic and is a first of its kind to be manufactured locally within South Africa. Innovation was at the forefront of the ‘Hand Wash Buzzer’ design. The buzzer operates with electricity and is automatically activated when lights are switched on in a kitchen or facility. This means that there is no wasted electricity usage during times when your business is closed and the siren does not alarm throughout the evening or during your non-operational hours.

This device forms part of the arsenal of equipment that Mega Magic supplies to customers on a FREE ON LOAN basis. The ‘Hand Wash Buzzer’, together with the rest of the equipment, facilitates the hygiene practices that Mega Magic promotes and believes in. Having this device installed will show your customers that you are committed to ensuring that food safety is a priority.

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