Mega Magic prides ourselves on the added value that we offer to our customers. One of our key differentiators within the market is the Magic Tank, which is a hot tank that is the equivalent of a ‘Spec Tank’. The Magic Tank is built in-house at Mega Magic and is offered as a free-on-loan item to our loyal kitchen clients, along with the rest of our free-on-loan kitchen equipment items. It is available in a small or large size option so as to fit any kitchen’s specifications.

TANKDET is the hot soak chemical that is used in the Magic Tank to decarbonize pots, pans, trays etc. Mega Magic supplies a complimentary bag of TANKDET on a monthly basis to all loyal kitchen clients.

In order to minimize electricity usage and ensure maximum energy efficiency, certain components and technology have recently been enhanced and adapted within the Magic Tank. Considering all the improvements that have been applied to the Magic Tank, the following key statistics have been concluded, which are of great benefit to our customers:
The average over a 24-hour period concludes a 40% deduction in total energy.
Up to 60% heat retention after 24-hours without electrical supply once tank has reached optimal temperature.

For more information on the Magic Tank and our complete Kitchen Care (KC) Range of chemicals and value-added equipment, visit our website or give us a call;

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