ISO 9001:2015 Compliance

Mega Magic is continually upgrading our systems and processes, so as to maintain the highest quality outcomes. Our product offerings are supplemented by added services and value, which we believe are unparalleled in the market. Mega Magic has recently received our latest accreditation, ISO 9001:2015, which we are extremely proud to hold.

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is a world-renowned standard that is individually moulded to the processes of a given company, irrespective of size or product type. Mega Magic has taken full advantage of the ISO Standard and in doing so, we have embraced new procedures and methods of thought, thus allowing the Standard to work in our company’s benefit. Applying the ISO practices within daily operations has propelled Mega Magic to implement processes that have enhanced the quality of our products as well as ensured that a high level of service is constantly provided.

Looking a bit deeper, the Quality Management Systems (QMS) of ISO 9001:2015 Certification ensures product conformity before products are dispatched to our customers. Our QMS also require that retention samples of each manufactured product are stored. These samples are used, if need be, to provide recourse should investigation on the specific batch need to be carried out at a future date. Mega Magic is proud to say that we fully conform to the QMS requirements.

Mega Magic has complied with ISO 9001 for over a decade. Through continual, daily improvement Mega Magic strives to satisfy our loyal customers, whilst simultaneously building long term relationships.