Mega Magic has developed and launched a specially formulated Asphalt Release Agent for use as a lubricant on Asphalt Compaction Equipment. The product has been designed as a modern-day replacement to traditional solvent / diesel lubricants that are a risk to Asphalt Durability and the environment. Mega-Slik is designed to ease the separation of Asphalt materials from construction equipment.

The major benefits:
• Non-hazardous
• Non-carcinogenic
• Completely biodegradable
• No Solvents – water based
• Non-flammable
• Does not irritate skin during contact
• ISO 9001:2015 Accredited Manufacturing
• No effect on bitumen – can be safely used with all types of asphalt mixes

Safe for use on:
• All equipment
• Iron and Steel
• Stainless Steel
• Rubber
• Concrete
• Painted Surfaces

Mega-Slik is available at a highly competitive price and is available through our national distribution network. The product out performs diesel, other soaps and competitor products, even when diluted up to 3:1.

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