Workshops and Factories




AEROKLEEN F5601400 Aircraft interior & exterior cleaner. Has Boeing approval
BBM 1901 F5604500 Environment-friendly degreaser. Also bio-degradable
DE CARB F4210360 Cold tank decarbonising fluid, degreaser, paint stripper
DYNAMO F5412400 Solvent-based degreaser
EMULSI F6014400 Industrial general purpose cleaner & degreaser
EXPOSE F4215400 Paint and varnish remover
HI FOAM J F4822250 GP detergent for floors in workshops
MASCON F5837400 Acid-based concrete floor degreaser
MEGA CHARGE F5637400 High pressure detergent in liquid or powder
MEGA CRAFT F5437200 Heavy duty degreaser. Diluted with water or power paraffin
MEGA MAXI F5437800 Non-flammable heavy duty degreaser. Top of the range
MMT1 F5438400 Heavy duty solvent-based degreaser
MOULD RELEASE F5238400 Mould release agent
NO RUST SUPER F5841400 Excellent rust remover
POTENT POWER F5647400 Heavy duty water-based degreaser. Many uses
POWER STRIP F4847250 Powder floor cleaner
SAFE SOLVE F2455400 Non-flammable electrical cleaner. Quick drying
SEMISYN F4255400 Semi-synthetic water soluble cutting oil
SFC F5655400 Liquid floor degreaser. Alkaline
SUPREME MM F4857500 Hot soak degreaser & decarbonise