Vehicle Maintenance




EMULSI F6014400 Industrial general purpose cleaner & degreaser
ALUMINO F0102400 Heavy duty aluminium brightener and cleaner
ANTI-FREEZE F4202400 Winter anti-freeze and summer coolant
CAR POLISH C8001511 Contains waxes & silicones
DYNAMO F5412400 Solvent-based degreaser
LEATHER CARE C8002105 Creamy emulsion of waxes to protect leather
MAGIC F5657660 Concentrated wash & shine for vehicles
MEGADET F5637880 Economy General Purpose Cleaner. Can also be used to wash vehicles
RADIATOR FLUSH F5652320 Removes scale and corrosion deposits in cooling system
SUPADET F5657400 Highly concentrated wash & shine detergent. Upholstery cleaner
TARGO F5458400 Removes tar from vehicle bodies
TD SHINE F5258320 Tyre & dash dressing. Will not attract dust