AIR FRESHENER / R-DEO F4452400 Neutralise tobacco odour.
AROMATIC F5602800 Perfumed general purpose cleaner
FLOOR-BRITE F3617400 Non-slip liquid polymer dressing
FURNITURE POLISH F5218400 Furniture polish.
HANDI ANDI F4222800 Mildly abrasive ammoniated paste
HI SHINE F3617415 Spray & buff polish for floors.
HOSPICARE F2223400 General purpose cleaner (Germicide) with disinfectant.
MEGADET F5637880 Economy General Purpose Cleaner. Can also be used to wash vehicles.
PINE GEL F6246800 Perfumed general purpose cleaner with disinfectant.
RUGGER F5654400 Carpet shampoo with optical brighteners.
SOLVALL F5656320 Non-toxic general purpose cleaner.
SPOTTER F5656495 Stain remover for carpets and upholstery.
SUPADET F5657400 Highly concentrated wash & shine detergent. Upholstery cleaner.
TELEKLEEN F5258800 Telephone cleaner with bacteriacides.
TURBO F5660320 Environment-friendly wax stripper for polymer treated floors.
WINDGLO F5667500 Streak-free window cleaner.