Kitchens & Canteens




STAINLESS GLO - Food safe stainless steel polish 
AUTO DISH “H” F1003240 Automatic dishwashing detergent (hard water)
BLACK DISINFECTANT F2205400 Brute disinfectant (Jeyes Fluid)
DE SCALE F5810400 Excellent scale remover
DISHMATIC F1003245 Automatic dishwashing detergent
DRAIN FLO F0511500 Liquid drain cleaner – acidic
ECO DISH F2013400 Economic dishwashing detergent
ECOZYME F2613800 Enzymatic fat digester for all grease traps. Used with dosing unit
KC CHLORDET F2207500 Chlorinated detergent kills wide spectrum of bacteria.
KC DAILY F3431080 Environment-friendly detergent for floors & walls.
KC DISH F3431200 Dishwashing liquid. Concentrated.
KC OVEN F3431320 Non-caustic oven cleaner & chip fryer cleaner.
KC SANIDET F3431560 Highly concentrated detergent / disinfectant for all surfaces
KC SANIHAND F3431680 Antibacterial liquid soap for food industry.
KC SANIRUB F3431440 Alcohol rub for hand disinfection
KITCHEN CARE F2231400 Non-toxic G.P. Cleaner.
OVEN CLEANER F6030400 Alkali-for ovens & stoves. Also in aerosol form
POWER DRAIN F5047500 Granulated drain cleaner
RINSE AID F5652800 Non-streaking rinse aid
SILKI F3855800 Antibacterial liquid hand soap
SANICHLOR SACHETS - Vegetable wash