Bathrooms & Toilets




AIR FRESHENER / R-DEO F4452400 Neutralise tobacco odour.
AROMATIC F5602800 Perfumed general purpose cleaner
BOWLGUARD F5805400 Acid toilet bowl and urinal cleaner
DEO BLOCKS F4210900 Cubes, medium round & wrapped 200g blocks
F4207400 F4207400 Disinfectant, cleaner inside cistern
DRAIN FLO F0511500 Liquid drain cleaner – acidic
HANDI ANDI F4222800 Mildly abrasive ammoniated paste
LTS F3836400 Perfumed liquid handsoap for dispenser use
PINE BLISS F2246400 Cleaner, deodoriser and disinfectant.
PINE GEL F6246800 Perfumed general purpose cleaner with disinfectant.
SHEEN F3855320 Industrial liquid handsoap.
TBC F4858450 Powder toilet bowl cleaner